Illinois Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage


Just a day after I wrote my last post on why we should attend our gay loved one's weddings, the House of Representatives in my home state of Illinois passed the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which was the last major hurdle in the ongoing effort to legally recognize marriages between same-sex partners here. 

While the debate rages on about what marriage is and how it can or should be defined, all I could think about yesterday was whether the law would go into effect in time for my friend's wedding. (June 1st is the effective date, a few months before the yes!) Perhaps I'm just fatigued from this semantic debate over the definition of marriage. Perhaps I'm neglecting my responsibility to weigh in on that important conversation. Or perhaps that ethic of "individuals over ideologies" I put forth in my last post is sinking deeper into my psyche than I realized. Ideologies, definitions, theology, rights, justice...they're really important. Not to be neglected. 

But right now I'm just really happy for this particular friend and her fiancé!